Wednesday, August 19, 2009

anniversarius= turning a year

So today is our 14th wedding anniversary. Our plans include...nothing at this point. We have no baby sitter (Dilcia has a Church event tonight) and even if we did I think our big idea was to see G.I. Joe. While we were running errands together yesterday (getting paperwork and pictures for our residency change) we inquired at the empty Marriott about maybe staying overnight this weekend...thinking erroneously that with tourism and business traffic greatly reduced, and their close proximity to protests at the presidential palace next door that they would be offering some great deals. Instead they informed us there are no special deals, and wanted $89 per night. No dice. But that is just as well, it was not something we were desperately desiring and is better because any expenditure would have been just a unneeded luxury anyway...I was just shocked they had not dropped the price to get some business...and if they offer little red riding hood no deals, then I presume there are no deals to be had. Back to wedding seems hard to think about fourteen years being fourteen years. God has blessed us and kept us going...He is amazing, and we are grateful for every year, every day. Truly amazing.

Valerie spent Tuesday morning at the kid's current school doing a school screening for all the kids there. Uh...I think that is somewhere North of 200 people total. Now she has to send out the notes to the parents for all the kids that need glasses. She did that, and went with me on the errands, and opened the clinic...and the list goes on, in spite of having some other painful health issues for about the last week. Feet, head, digestive issues, back...God keeps her going in amazing ways.

While out yesterday we took advantage of a mall stop to get some of the supplies the kids will need for their transition to the new school which happens next Monday...I do not think we are full appreciating yet how much this change will make a big difference in our daily lives let alone their school a good way of course.

We also had to get pictures printed for a trip to the embassy on is time for Soren's passport renewal, which means taking pictures to prove he now is the same boy that is in the baby picture on the current passport, and a bunch of other documents. Renewing his passport means he is turning month in fact.

I saw this while waiting on our pictures at the mall. How are "churros" American? Why put the signs in English? And if you are going to use English...should you not make sure it is correct (using "what ever" instead of whatever)I just looked at this over and over and instead of whetting my appetite, all it did was keep me asking questions that started with why. Those of you that live in the you even know what a churro is? Maybe I just lived in a non-churro area.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
I hope Dora made it thru her ordeal alright.
God Bless you guys.
Love Barb

The Mom (Leah) said...

Yes, many places, especially fast food are offering them. They are sold as "easy to hold." Maybe since they are fattening, they want to make that connection to Americans. Ha!