Friday, January 22, 2016


I get to see things that I have no business getting blessed to see.  I get to see generosity, beauty, God moving so surely it would just as much smack you upside the head, and sometimes it actually does. Not sure where I am going with that, but judge for yourself.  

Several sponsors of The Milk Project children sent money to bless them and their families with gifts for the holidays (What's that?  Yes, I am behind on my blogging, nice of you to notice!).  

To say that I, and much more so Maria, were willing to spend some time getting to go spend money on great things for these families is an understatement.  

We were able to bless Jhoan with a new bed.  I told him to just keep the mattress upright while I set up the base in his room.  He was very excited!  I thought he must want to help, cool. When I came out...instead of just keeping it up, even more than when I stopped to snap the picture, he was hugging the mattress like you hug your grandma when you have not seen her for a long time.  He was overjoyed to get his own bed for Christmas.  

Maria got to take several girls to do some Christmas shopping of their own, for shoes and clothes.  Oddly I was not asked to help.  Go figure.  We are pretty urban you would think living in the capital city and all, but for at least one of the families that went...a trip to the mall was a new experience.  They even got a treat of an ice cream cone!  

The coffee ministry is slowly developing.  Some days it feels too slowly.  Some days it is easy to focus on the problems and shortcomings that shout out.  And then...comes harvest time.  We hope to have more and more plants in such a giving mood every year. 

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