Friday, January 26, 2007

Back in business

The long awaited clothing container arrived on Monday. Praise God! Everyone involved with the ministry was happy to see more ways than one as you might be able to imagine. It reminds me of one of those flow charts that show up in the press to show everyone how tourism affects so many different areas of life. Same thing, this just involved life...and the Kingdom. Cool stuff.

God waters you
You send clothes
We get clothes
Staff work clothing stores...sorting clothes, sharing Gospel, taking it too the streets...or near them in the stores.
People get clothes, get Gospel
Seeds planted
God waters them

Rinse and repeat

In other news, we should have some neat pictures of the next new clothing store, coming soon to 21 de Febrero. Be sure to stop by for the grand opening next week.

We are hoping this will just be the first of several new stores this year. Praise God!

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