Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cold? Nah, not really

Ah, just letting you know we are in the midst of a "cold front", the general term used here for anything that involves cold weather or unusual rain.

So, you can imagine our surprise waking up Saturday morning to find....rain! What? Perhaps this is difficult to grasp if you are from the USA, but here we are accustomed to the seasons here, and in February...this is smack dab, solid in the midst of what is supposed to be our ramp up on temperature, and down on rain, nothing...brown all around, and the plants finding it not so easy to be green (unless in front of a bank or something...where they water).

Saturday was downright Indianish...woke up spritzing, rained off and on all day, overcast, and cold with winds (great day to drive for a clothing distribution). Today (Sunday) was more of the cold temps and gusty winds, but no rain to speak of. Plenty of time to enjoy those winter clothes, sweatshirts, pajama pants...and getting to know your blanket well.

Does it sound like I am complaining? Quite the contrary....those are changes from the norm, and although I am not missing change enough to want to go up North...way North, for snow, a little change is nice. Wearing different clothes, getting a hankering for chili, and getting to run 70 minutes and not starting sweating for 30 or so (with everyone looking at me like I am crazy...well, looks that imply crazier than normal) has its perks too.

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