Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gatebreaker finale, or so the Germans would have us believe

Well, the gatebreaker episode finally drew to a close, as it were, this afternoon with our new gate (the half of our two part gate that was damaged) being installed.

Whew, we are now safe. Well, at least safer.

Total cost? Ugh, with the entirely new system that was needed for our landlord's gate (figure about $725 total), and our little gate done by some more modest and clever guys ($130), we ran about $855 total for what seemed at the time a big inconvenience. At least appearances were not deceiving.

There was a "town hall" meeting at the US embassy today. I went as the focus was to be on people that host groups. I think I was among the very few that were alone, otherwise those other missions were well represented. The ambassador ended up sitting next to me with his #2 man, we made quite the threesome, what with them in very nice suits, and me in my cargo shorts (at least I wore a nice shirt!). Me being the huge hob-nobber that I am, I stuck around, handed out 100 business cards....or came home and helped finish up with garage door. Something like that.

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Anonymous said...

Did the ambassador happen to remember the members of our group he met in the hospital? Might be an interesting point for further discussion.