Friday, August 17, 2007

Decision made

Well, it appears we will be moving soon. We made the decision to take the house that was for rent. I am resigned to the facts that it will be better for us in every way except financial. It is odd, I am not excited at all. Not really that scared either (other than about my running routes...surely to be more dangerous than where we are now), just...resigned. I am sure it will be more exciting when we are actually there, I am just dreading the move itself and the changes we will be going through right before my trip to the US (I guess I will have time to get some furniture for the guest bedrooms!).

I have been translating two days of the CIY conference over the last two days. Luckily Roger adn Darrin are doing half the work this year. Doing it all gives a sense of satisfaction...if I had such time to devote to it. My role has diminished as our group program has ramped up, and that is just fine with me.

Speaking of groups, I believe we have already confirmed nine groups so far next year, all of which are before September. Praise God!

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