Saturday, August 11, 2007

A house is a home

Well, Tom and Carol left for the US today. Before they left, we took a visit to a house they used to rent for themselves and for mission teams (before the mission house/clinic was built). This house is now up for rent again, and through the contact the family had with Oscar, we got wind of it. The house is ours to rent if we want it...if we want to leave where we are now.

The house is bigger, better and other than the increased financial cost (about $250 more than we are currently paying) it would seem to have no disadvantages to present to us. I mean, five bedrooms, an office, five and a half bathrooms, a covered garage (plus space for several other vehicles), a couple patios, a great view, closer to the clinic, right across the street from a big grocery store, three blocks from the has it all..convenience and space for us as a family plus the room for invited guests and family to stay long term.

Yet I am conflicted.
-Is it the cost? Surely that is a big concern for us. With the kids getting school aged, and us still without insurance and a savings plan that comes only when we are blessed enough to have some to put aside...$250 per month is quite a commitment.
-Is it leaving our home here and the family we live with, a family that we feel very close to, which is going through a very difficult time now (our landlord is in the hospital and his wife is not doing well either)?
-Is it a desire to wait until we can buy a home or build a home somewhere else? That is something we feel led to in the last six months or so.

What we will do? God only knows. We pray for His guidance as we contemplate this huge decision that we by no means take lightly.

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