Friday, August 31, 2007

Moving right along

Yes sir, footloose and fancy free, that is us to a T. Uh, something like that anyway. We are almost totally moved into our new house now. No pictures up on the wall yet, but the important stuff is where it needs to be, plugged in (like the internet) and we have almost all the keys we need.

Obviously that has prevented me from keeping up on the blogging. Sorry about that chaps.

One other thing...yesterday while out purchasing supplies, I made an unfortunate sighting. Yes friends, neighbors and accidental visitors, I made my first Christmas season sighting...candy canes and santa chocolates. Now I know that we here in Honduras do not have a temperature change in the seasons and all, but is August, right? I hope the toys they had on display as well were for "Kid's Day" and not also another Christmas preparedness drill.

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