Monday, September 3, 2007

Prayer request

Quick note to all of you possibly out there...pray for my Dad, he is in the hospital with pain symptoms around the midsection. A CAT scan showed no immediate problems with his heart, appendix, etc. but they can not figure out what is wrong with him. He is being held over night until they can do a procedure tomorrow (apparantly not available on Labor Day.)

Also of course Hurricane Felix that is on its way here. We do not believe we will be directly affected here in the capital, but anything is possible. Valerie tried to go to the grocery store this afternoon....longest lines she can every remember seeing. Hopefully we can get in tomorrow morning before it gets crazy again.

Also for our intern Ruth and her mum that left today for Copan. It is possible they could get caught up in all this, as they were hoping to head to La Ceiba (the North Coast) on Wednesday. Obviously all those plans could be toast depending on the weather.

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