Monday, January 21, 2008

What not to wear

Well, the clothing distribution yesterday proved yet again...there are many things that are better not sent, unless for humurous picture taking. Then again...why even put it on for that? Never question Big Jim though.

It was great to get Jim out to a distribution with us since he is the guy I bug most of the time with questions at Master Provisions (which sends us most of our clothing.)
Our first dental brigade was today. Not as many patients as we anticipated, but it ended up working out well, and we arrived back at the house at 5:00 after our running around, so all good indeed. At left is a particularily nervous patient, who originally wanted three teeth pulled, but by the time the pain juice was administered twice...two teeth was more to her liking.

And just for fun, I add the following two pictures. Are captions really needed? Sure why not:
"It refers to the cut of lumber I prefer, why do you ask?"

"This way, you can technically eat double the number of sandwiches!"

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