Sunday, February 3, 2008

An apple

Did you enjoy your high school time? I know I sure did...not.

However, I can look back and be very thankful to several of my teachers. Teaching is certainly not a gift I have, and I suppose that gives me a better appreciation for it? As it is with many things in life, we best appreciate what we ourselve do not posess. Ah, what a better omage to their being beauty in difference that God put in each and every one of us.

For example, my appreciation and love for playing music...where would that be without Mr. Albro and his sublte but directing hand in leading me where I did not want to go (at the time)? Praise God for him (and my parents) who did not let me back out like I wanted to back in the sixth grade.

And Mr. Priest....good grief I use all that algebra and math more than I would have dreamed. Had I been burdened with the other less than stimulating math teachers I met along the way in my life for the time I had outlook on the subject might have been quite different.

And most reflecting this particular venue, Mr. Eiler and my better grammar. My handwriting would still be illegable if not for him. What a pain! And now what joy. Wow. And to this day it bugs me if I inadvertantly try to end a sentance with a preposition. I suppose I just did, but in that particular case, I violated no rules I know.

As much as I would want to impart some of that to my children...and I do, more than that I hope I am giving them lessons even more important, on trusting and living in the Word of God, living a life in accordance with His will for our lives, and in doing what we say, not just saying it to hear ourselves speak. And since I am definitely not getting an A in doing that....good thing I still have teachers teaching me so I can better teach them.

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