Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another normal day

I am still often asked what a day is like here when groups are gone.

Yesterday was such a day. I was to count the patient fees, run to the bank, and then up to the clinic to brush up on the finer points of optometric practice, since I am apparantly going to be the guy next week to see patients.

First however, I got a phone call from the administrator at WER to stop by to see the shipment of brand new shoes they just received. Upon arriving, I noticed, as you can see in the picture, it was a quant gathering of just a 100 or so of WER's closest friends....shoes scattered everywhere, and unfortunately, all dress shoes. I looked for the clothing ministry, but gave up quickly. The many pairs of size 14s and 15s I would imagine will still be waiting there for me should I head back anytime soon.

I then headed to the bank for my quick deposit. An hour or so later, I departed with my deposit slip. One never knows the ways of the bank line. Sometimes it can move relatively quickly...that day one of the lanes was occupied the entire time by someone obviously doing more paperwork and payments than should be humanly allowable. At least I had my Mp3 player to keep me company (no phone or anything else including metal though of course.)

I noticed a recurring low front tire on the Ford over the past week, and it was low enough that even though I filled it...it needed to be sealed. Luckily that means here just a quick trip to the tire stop, $1.50 or so, and you are back on the road. While there I also noticed something you only see during holy week, people getting ready to relax or go to the beach, or both. However, I doubt they were walking all the way to the beach.

I finally got up to the clinic...in time to take care of some issues with the workers on the new clinic, figure out where the electrical work needed to be done in the man cave (aka garage), and address some things and have a meeting with Levi....when Valerie had a counseling patient to see that went until a little past 5:00.

So...the reason for my day? Brushing up....well, experience is a good teacher as well I suppose. I just hope the patients agree.

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