Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Prayer requests, and other items

1. Victor. For those that know him, he spent the night with us last night...he has had severe problems with his family for quite some time, and things have come to a head and he had to leave. Pray he would find somewhere to live, and for stability in his life (and finding work)

2. Lilian. She has been having her own problems, and some things we suspect lately as well. We plan to talk to her about this tomorrow. Pray for her and us...for honesty, comprehension, and love in what and how we speak.

3. Clinic staff...and all mission staff. With the rising prices of...everything (electricity rates have gone up 120% this month, an article in the paper today talked of a woman contemplating suicide just at the sight of her new materials are going up 15% per month, rice, beans, milk, etc.) it is harder for the salaries they receive to allow them to make ends meet. We are working on ways we can try to help in the long term, but pray that the short term we will have ways to help, discernment about what to do, and for planning

4. the first rains in quite some time came to Tegucigalpa, even if for only fifteen minutes (where I was...Valerie said the clinic only got a brief sprinkle.) It was enough for us to see several leaks in our roof already painting their interesting trails on the walls and have bugs literally crawling/flying out of the woodwork.

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