Sunday, June 1, 2008

More on the crash.

We went to Cuerpo de Cristo for Church today. I got to talk to Brendy about the crash. Wow, first time in many moons that Cecilia and Valerie have been ready to leave before I was.

I will recap

1. The pilot did overshoot the landing...touching down too late to stop in time. Interestingly, she trusts 100% the Honduran pilots...they know the airport better. Knowing the airport here really does seem to be the key. It is tricky, interesting, but can be done if you know what you are doing, and have been trained.

2. She was not even working...yet. She was to work that plane when it left from Teguc on its way to SPS and then Miami, but for reasons long enough not to be interesting to most of you, she was required to go on the 7:00 flight to San Salvador, and then come over on that plane. She said she was complaining/wondering about why she should have to do that...until after the crash. Had it been just the normal crew on the plane, they would not have been able to get half the people off the plane what with the problems, etc. after the crash. With her and the other three with her, they were able to help in a big way.

She even had to push a lady out of the plane that was trying to leave with her carry-on. "What are you doing? The plane could catch fire any minute! We have to get everyone out! Get out! And then she pushed her as the lady was looking at her like "What are you doing?" Brendy said she told her "you can sue me later, better to do that if you are alive!" If you know Brendy and how fragile/dainty she is, it was cool to hear her tell of taking charge and make things happen like that, while injured herself. Ah, and she said the woman told her afterwords thank lawsuit forthcoming.

She will have to go back soon to try to get her personal belongings which obviously were left there as she was getting treatment (her purse, bags, even her car is still stuck in the parking lot there.)

3. Speaking of her injuries, she sprained or hurt (no fracture) her elbow, hit her head, and hurt her back. She is doing well (arm in a sling) but said her coworkers that were in the first class cabin are in very serious condition (one with fractures in the face, head, swelling, etc. that requires surgery that apparantly they are not able to perform here.

Which makes me wonder yet again...why do the people paying the most for their ticket sit at the front of the plane which is arguably the most vulnerable in a crash?

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