Thursday, September 4, 2008

It is upon us

So I was shopping yesterday (for the milk project...celebrating "Kid's day" tomorrow with some very special treats....candy and apples...just no candied apples.) and it happened.

Yes, everything was already up and displayed, I can only presume they had this ready in late August since it had been a while since I was there. I refrained from getting a picture of the end cap display of candy canes and Christmas cookies.

So, I know "early" is redefined every year by retailers but I am curious if anyone else has seen a similar seen already in their neighborhood, the place that you see each day.

By the way, our lawsuit (what an enjoyable first!) proceedes with regards to the Ford. When will it get out? Who knows. In these processes here, you turn your life (in this regard) over to the lawyer you trust (or you hope you can our case we trust her) and just pray.

The clothing container was successfully unloaded today. I was busy in the AM trying to figure out the Ford situation with our lawyer (as much as was required of me) and Oscar took my Ford to get started, and Celeo came and they paid another guy with a pickup...since the road is in a continued abismal state, we knew from the get go that it would get no further than the bus stop, and even making it there is something of a minor feat given the rest of the road just to get there.

And in our continued theme of spending time together, Cecilia and Soren joined me for a leisurely trip to the grocery store this evening where we were treated to macaroni salad by the folks at Hellman's (now with omega-3! Oooooh) and a little nutrional packet for kids that they thoroughly enjoyed. It was the firs time I saw the new nutritional pyramid so we talked through it (Cecilia was adament that ice cream should not be included as a healthy food.) Nothing like enjoying a berry granita while discussing healthy foods. I chose this picture to show that Cecilia was passing the drink (we had an order of sharing) and that Soren is taking some very funny pictures as of late (you should see the other three I did not include.)


Jen said...

I have seen Christmas ornaments in Hobby Lobby since the beginning of summer around here. Haven't seen any trees popping up yet. Then again, I haven't been on that "side" of Walmart for some time now. Thankfully up here the retailers have to stay a bit under control with Christmas things until we get a little closer to Thanksgiving. Unfortunately for Honduras, there's no other holidays holding them back from getting Christmas started in the "summer".

Cindy in California said...

I saw the Christmas display that is in your picture at Pricemart (Tegus) when I was there on August 25, and even then, it looked like the display was not brand new. My Honduran friend was TOTALLY suprised. She mentioned several times she had NEVER seen decorations before October. Soon, they can just make Christmas a regular year-round aisle in the stores!

Sherry M said...

So glad you're finding quality time to be with your children prior to your departure. I love that.