Wednesday, September 24, 2008

X Nadir Mora Pinto Oscar's contribution to the baby's name to be established at a later date (he did mention at the hospital thinking about Oliver, his dad's name, but nothing definite.) That sparked a discussion on Oliver and how rare (or to Julia "old sounding") it is, and then Arturo and what meaning that name has here. Always good to learn new things.

They had to do the C-section because of some bleeding...and the baby was briefly caught up in there or something to where he was being suffocated (thus the plastic box for oxygen...meaning no one could hold him for the first 24 hours and that the AC for the room was off making it feel like a long term sauna)
(He was long? Long enough. His weight was 8.6 pounds.)
Julia was remarkably already up and walking...12 hours later, she mentioned she might be home today or tomorrow. Wow.

I do not normally go in for these sort of things...but for the record I think he looks like Oscar. Then again, that might have more to do with his scrunched up face and being a new born than anything else.

They thank everyone out there in internet land for their prayers!


Anonymous said...

Ok, how much did he weigh? in lbs. and ounces please. Susan

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Oscar, Julia (lovely lady reclining in bed), and Baby X. So pleased to hear all is going well. Such a wonderful joy!!

Jamis Stuber said...

I love the scrunched up face jab... Give Oscar and Julia our congratulations.