Friday, October 3, 2008

Time to get away

So here we are, thanks to an extremely generous and explicitly directed donation, Valerie and I are alone, on the North Coast of Honduras enjoying some down time to just relax, re-connect, and revive conversation as it were.

Last night we stayed in Tela, at a resort that offered free golfing (it will require picture posting when I get back to my computer) and this afternoon we are off to La Ceiba...with the desire being to fulfill an almost life time wish of Valerie's to do white water rafting.

We head back to Teguc on Sunday. Say a prayer for our time, our safety (traveling roads and rivers) and for renewed energy as we keep running our race.

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Anonymous said...

So wonderful that you two can get away before your extended travel schedule that will separate you for awhile. Find peace!