Thursday, November 27, 2008


Wow, what a day.

Lynn is always such a great host. Supper last night (my first time having steak in almost two months), and then getting me back to the airport at IAH (Houston for those not up on the airport lingo). Since I did not get my bags the night before (and no one knew where they was a bag mystery!) we checked through three boxes of donated clothes, shoes, and food she had (the food was for us...Raisin Bran Crunch is much cheaper in the US for sure!) My bags were still AWOL, or worse...since one was supposedly right down the hall, but could not be found, and the other? Who knew. Oh well.

She left me at the President's Club (long story, but I was flying First Class, which gave me access) which I remarked I had never seen. It seemed so mysterious! I hung out there for a while (lowdown: free food, nothing fruit bagels, muffins, coffee/juice/water, etc., work stations, and fancy lounge chairs.) and then boarded the non-eventful flight.

What should I see coming almost the first bags out of the shoot? Not my priority checked boxes, but my AWOL duffel bags! Praise God for that. Valerie was able to pick me up, we got to the Union Church Thanksgiving meal, almost no problems.

One opportunity for prayer...the Musso is still without parts (double the "estimated" waiting period) the Ford will only start with a push, and the Defender was overheating and has a weird noise. I think the brief overheating was due to low coolant/water levels...but obviously getting that checked out would be a top priority...if one of the other vehicles was working properly.

Out of the frying pan (the US work schedule) and into the fire! But it is a good fire, and it is good to be home. Tomorrow I will get to check out the progress, talk to Oscar, etc. and start getting back into the groove in a hurry. Whew...I need a vacation already just thinking about it! Praise God for that as well...for so many opportunities to serve Him and His work here!

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The Mom (Leah) said...

It was good for us to spend time with you and learn of the progress of your mission at the Missionary Convention. Praise the Lord that you and your bags made it home safely.