Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This new schedule with the kids back to school is proving hectic, no surprise there. Getting home at 5, in bed by 7 or thereabouts, little time for much other stuff. Whew. We are a little closer to prospectively hiring someone to be at the house, making lunch for Valerie and the kids, cleaning, and then helping the kids with their homework in the afternoon until Valerie gets back. That will be interesting, and help for them to continue with French lessons, and whatever would come in the future (piano? Chinese? Underwater basket weaving? We would need a new kiddie pool for the last one.)

So Valerie was telling me last night about a conversation she and Cecilia had. Cecilia says "I talked to Ricardito the other day (Dora's son) and asked him if he knew God, if he was of God, and he said "Of course!' If everyone knows about God, why do we need to go tell people? Why do we show the video in the clinic?" Add to that similar questions to me earlier this week about some people very close to us, and how they are lost, do not read their Bible, and about praying for them. "Why is it important to read the Bible?" "Why do people not know about Him? I keep trying to tell them they need to read the Bible, and encourage them, and pray for them." And Soren praying for his breakfast today (by himself, he did not know anyone was listening) "Thank you for mommy, for daddy, for Cecilia, for my school...(insert many other things here)...and for Dora, and she does not have any food, and I just want to pray for her."

And we wonder why Jesus says we must have faith like a child. I am supposed to be here to teach them...and God is using them to teach me about Him. Why do we not ask those questions, not yelling or demanding answers...but should we not be thinking those things? Why do we not pray that way...out loud, without answers, just seeing things, and taking them to our Dad?

I get so bogged down day to day making decisions, moving money, saying yes, saying no, moving too fast, forgetting too much, not spending enough time doing many different things I should... praise God for moments like that. And praise Him for forgiveness from being too busy and voluntarily putting on blinders sometimes to things that are going on around us.