Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have several balls in the air right now...not holding any of them long enough to get them done, but keeping them all moving, so that is good.

I am caught up on some administrative tasks, have not even started on some daunting ones (like year end financial statements for the entire mission.) I still need to get medical insurance quotes on all the pastors and administrators, and figure out which would be in our best interest to pursue, plus create a simple, understandable, and easy to fill out excel spread sheet for Oscar on all the new clinic expenses, and get Reina's loan repayment receipts done and settled. I feel like Pa Kettle on those items, but "one of these days" is sneaking up on me to the point where I will have to get them done. And my inner Ma Kettle has a shrill voice just like Majorie Main.

Oscar got us a cook to replace Dora during her time off for having the baby (who has yet to make an appearance outside the womb), so I talked to her, and hopefully things will go well there with this upcoming group, and then was able to oversee some moving and shaking that the clinic staff wanted in the new clinic, working out the details with Oscar.

The work there is moving along rapidly can see how this will in fact be a clinic sooner rather than later. When the doors start going in next week (hopefully) it will look even more impressive. Many of the hand sinks are in, the electrical panels (light switches, plug in areas (my English escapes me) are installed, the overhead lights are in, the paint is mostly done (a few more rooms need paint on the walls but all the ceiling is done.) Next is purchasing the material we found for the bathroom divisions, and getting those installed. Close...but still a ways to go, especially once all the hardware gets done, then we need to see how much we really have in terms of seats, etc. to actually get everything needed.

A FAME group arrives tomorrow, we will be doing four days of medical brigades, and more. After that, will be CHE training for pastors, leaders, community people and others associated one way or another with the mission. It is all an effort to plant seeds...that would take root in those here to move forward with Community Health training that is also evangelism. Prayer for that preparation, for those that will commit to a full week of training, and for those God would call to take the project forward, would be most appreciated.

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