Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mixed bag for sure on this post...something for everyone

I am behind. Today, and what feels like always. I might actually get the February update sent tonight...if it passes the Valerie proof read. So for now, let us catch up a little with some pictures, and stories before I get swept away into getting Ford and Defender parts ordered from the US, get quotes on health insurance, and do more accounting for last month. Ready? Here we go.

First, I do not think I ever posted pictures of our trip to the circus. Not just any run of the mill circus like they have sometimes here, you know, mom & pop affairs set up in a vacant lot. Although this seems dwarfed by the huge Marriott (which is what? 20 stories tall?) this big top was pretty big...big enough for one of the illusions to be a helicopter to appear on stage. It was the famous (or so it is to many people I found out) Tihany circus from the US, with performers from all over the world. It had no super exotic animals, although it did have very cute tiny dogs, tiny cats, big dogs, big cats, and birds. Besides several cool magic tricks (also a Harley Davidson...or were there really two?) there was trapeze stuff, very cool juggling, and dancing girls. So we had our kids covered with what interested them, and them some for sure. It was not cheap (ok, not cheap for us tacaños) but worth every minute, and the first time Soren and I had been to the circus.

For those that have had to be driving at night here and know how much fun that can be, they will be happy to see we have invested in some better lights for the Ford, and modified the mule killer to better allow them to shine in front of us, just in case there be something worth seeing before we hit it, not that you ever find dark objects, animals, cars, or people in the road here. We will see how this progresses as we need to align them still. I am also of course constantly making sure they are well maintained...thus the above note that I need to order more parts for them, as they are expensive enough here that it is worth my hassle to get them much (like 50% or more) cheaper in the US and arrange a group or container to bring them later....when we can of course.

This is Jose Donaldo and his wife Trinidad, and their kids Jessia (4) and Isis (2). They are from Sampedrana, and Gender has identified them as one couple we could send for training at the Bible Institute Bill and Mark Hoff run up near the Yojoa Lake. We met with them today to discuss their desire to go, and learn more about them before supporting them in this decision. The purpose would be for José to get the training there, and then see if he would be right to take over for Gender as pastor of the Church there. Christ came into his life a little over six months ago via listening to sermons on the radio, and getting invited to Church by Gender. He was, in his own words, very lost, and involved in drinking and producing alcohol, and growing and using marijuana He tore up and spilled out all that, and then came to Church. He was baptized, and he and his wife were married in December. He knows how to read and write, and is ready to put in the work required...all this despite having a third grade education. He is 28, his wife, 26. Do not fret from looking at their picture...they are reserved, humble, but happy and actually do smile....that is just what Hondurans look like when you tell them you are going to take their picture. They will be well prepared if they ever want to get a driver's license in the US (I hear it is catching on there for security purposes to not allow you to smile in pictures.) We are excited about this opportunity, as well as the other couple that Gender is going to send for study as well that have a real desire to grow in the Word (leaving behind family and fields to pursue this.) We will see in two years when they graduate what roles they will take...the plan now is either in Sampedrana, or perhaps one of them moving even further into the mountains to establish a Church (which is already being requested.) We are praying about the possibility of getting more in the coffee business to be able to help provide for them, without them being dependent on us for a monthly salary.

And lastly here is a shot from the mini mall in Comayagua today. I know people get piercings, but I did not realize how cheap it is to get someone to pierce you in places that regardless of their cultural place they might have...just seem really painful and annoying. Those prices, from top to bottom are: Tongue $5.25, Belly Button $6.60, Eye brow $4.25. Note that they are still called "pearcings" even in Spanish. No pears were harmed however. I can at least now see why kids are doing it...if you are curious, other than what must be excruciating pain, I doubt they numb you up first here, it does not cost much to see what it would look like.

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