Monday, April 27, 2009

Eye brigade #1...La Venta

I did not know exactly where we were going today. I knew Celeo had set something up for us, close to Talanga, but not in Talanga. Long story short, we visited a community where one of the CHE seminar participants is from, that has known Celeo for a while, but where we have never worked before.

It was obvious they were eager to have us...from the help the Church gave us in terms of people, setting things up, getting things organized, etc. Especially considering there are supposedly only 300-400 people living there (an off the cuff estimate by Celeo and others) and we had something above 100 patients to see.

Every person has their own story, every patient too. Some impact more than others with different people in different ways. It was so right to see people giving God the credit for what was done....helping a 9 year old read again (that is, without totally jamming the paper into his face) a woman in her thirties for the first time ever get glasses and be able to see the writing on the wall...from more than a few inches away. I met a 99 year old. I asked to see his ID (I was joking) one of his younger daughters was 61. Then I in effect called the 82 year old next to him a whipper snapper. We saw all the "normal" here....cataracts well advanced, pterygiums, allergy, dry-eye, unusual or botched surgeries, as well as screening the school children that were still there getting classes (not cancelling just because we showed up....which we applauded.)

I have to admit a weakness. A questioning. An incorrect line of thinking entering my brain. I was watching an eight year old girl struggle to read and see through old glasses. She was not seeing well, it was obvious, and moving her head, adjusting her glasses, etc. did not help. Why? What purpose is there in this little girl suffering so? Not to mention the teasing, struggles in learning, etc. I was sad...because I only was thinking about what I could see. Where was my faith in the promises we have been given about God, about his rule over all things? I tried to encourage her aftewwards, and God used her to encourage me in what I already knew to be true, but sometimes forget where my head is and instead just stare at what I see. There were many people today that helped us to understand what you see is not always what you get. Especially as we left and they prayed to God for us...not just for us, but for Him using us in different places and different ways. It was a day that it would take me hours to put a finer point on it, so instead I will just was refreshing.

The continuing political game here of what change is coming down the pike is hard to keep up with on a day to day basis. It seems clear that the president has something up his sleeve. Just exactly one seems to fired up to have made clear (the next Hugo Chavez...or just setting that up for the next guy....or just wanting to change the national anthem to only two or three verses.) I suppose I should be concerned. Nah, that would not do any good. So I pray instead. If you want to input the address into the google translator (or read it in Spanish) to read a little more on the subject, here you go:

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