Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cantaranas and Pueblo Nuevo

Two more brigades, and God continues to show me (among others I am relatively sure) how amazing He is.

Today we forgot a big tub of medicines/supplies that we really needed...but God provided a way around it all, and I was helping translate for a doctor, and we never even knew this had happened until after the day was done because He made a way.

We met, treated, and prayed for many people. Their needs was so varied, but they were there. Many people in financial poverty (hygiene, lack of meds....high blood pressure, diabetes, and so much more), and quite a few spiritually poor as well....many looked absolutely shocked when I offered to pray for them (even though we were in a Church today) and many that were unsure of what to do or how to react, or just not wanting to participate, one that wanted to leave, and more than one that were not sure what I meant when I said the word pray. It is humbling to be in those circumstances....more humbling to pray for those, and those in the Church there, knowing that words were coming out of my mouth often that sounded so good but clearly did not have roots in my mind.

It has also been great to learn even more about the medical brigades from Amy and Guy translating for them. Having the freedom to ask questions, to offer suggestions, and to learn more about why Keflex is good for skin versus Cipro as a wide spectrum antibiotic, carpel tunnel tests, herpes zoster, neorological dystrophy, and so much more has been very educational and interesting.

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