Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Glimpse into the clinic

Yesterday Valerie was sharing with a patient like she normally does. She usually asks them if they are a Christian. A particular lady, in her 40s, said yes and no. The conversation took off from their...and ended with her praying for Christ to fill her with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit was obviously already moving....but for that moment to happen in an eye exam chair in the clinic was also moving for Valerie. They discussed coming to ICCC, and other alternatives, we are now praying that she will find a body where she can congregate and be discipled. It was a busy day for Valerie otherwise as well, seeing 15 or more patients.

Speaking of patients, we are reaching critical mass when it comes to general medicine, and we do not know what to do other than pray for the funds to hire another doctor. People were turned away today.....those that arrived after 6:30 in the morning. One woman tried for three days, and finally came at 4:00AM to make sure she got seen. This is not good. Valerie mentioned raising prices to try to cut demand, but that is not really going to help those we are trying to reach. The value is obviously perceived in what we can provide...but we can not meet the demand even just in that neighborhood. I am praying and seeking direction, but we are not sure what to do about this....it is not good for the patients that come and have to be turned away, not good for our staff to see and have to deal with this every day, and not the best for our overall reputation. I would rather lower than raise prices, but that would only compound the problem of having too many patients to be able to handle...not to mention then put us in further financial hurt. Hmmmmm, if you know of any creative or successful ways to balance the two, feel free to let us know. Otherwise, we will keep praying and seeking His direction.


Anonymous said...

How about attempting a resident program with a local or stateside university. It would be great training for MD residents, supervised and cheap?(maybe).

Laurie said...

Wow, I don't know what to say. That's a hard place. I hope to be in prayer for you as I esteem both of you very highly for your work. Blessings.