Sunday, June 28, 2009

God be uncertain times, He is certain.

This will be quick, because I know there are some people out there waiting to read this, so I ask your forgiveness in regard to any spelling or other such errors found.

The status of life currently in Honduras is "A-OK" long as your name does not coincide with the guy who owned the diner in the TV series Alice.

As is normal with the internet, there is much out there, but one has to gleam carefully to get a good picture of what is going close to reality as possible.

You can go to the news websites to get the official reports...Mel was ousted (by military...through an order from the judicial branch), is in Costa Rica (originally in his pajamas....then supposedly the ambassadors from Nicaragua and Venezuela picked him up for a run to the mall to get some clothes...ok, I imagine they got him some clothes somewhere...Gap or Carrion yet to be confirmed)...did or did not sign the letter of resignation that was read in congress, the congress named the next in line as president, which happened to be the current president of the congress (he resigned his current position, and already promised the elections in November already scheduled would happen...thus stating he would not be trying to stick around extra) and it appears about every ambassador and government is not happy with what went down or how it went down....including US and Venezuela. How often do they agree? Ol Baby Huey from Venezuela keeps talking about interceding on behalf of Honduran democracy....always comforting, and Mel said today he was hoping the US would help restore democracy in Honduras...first time he has wanted US help or participation in anything in quite some time...I guess being stuck in your pijamas makes you reach out to even people you thought you did not like so well.

Now....seeing all these other governments opposed to how he was removed, I have to add personal experience....everyone I talk to seems quite ok with all this happening, even if it would not have been seen as the ideal ahead of time. The prez did seem a bit wacky as of late, wackier than normal, and add in the apparent arrival of "friends" from Nicaragua and Venezuela to help facilitate this illegal poll that was to have been done today, and I guess that pushed the situation to this extent.

It seems, at least until now, to be legally done, and although I probably would not have gone this route (cut him at the knees in the wacky stuff he wanted to do, and let him serve out his time would have been my brilliant idea) so protests, and given the seriousness of the situation, there was no violence, no arrests, no problems of any kind. I can not recall even a minor protest about something relatively minor that has gone so well. I know some media outlets are kind of hinting that poor prez is out because of some strictly military ousting and that there is my opinion, things are going well if not perfect, and this ousting is probably not the worst thing to have happened. Best? Time will tell, but definitely not as it might sound at first hearing.

We prayed about going to Sampedrana yesterday, and once we were there, I did not think about all this today again until before bed when we prayed again. Out there things are simpler....they have to be, because life there is about surviving, not worrying about some silly political situation. We had a great day of corn distribution and soccer/VBS....first getting soaked by a torrential downpour which lasted just long enough to ensure every square inch of most of the group was saturated, and then completing that, and then getting ready to show quite a few people the Chronicles of Narnia, the first movie. It was interesting to see the Catholic Church down the street start a mass as we were starting the movie (and even more interesting to hear Oscar and Miguel's reporting of what the priest had to say) but many came from there and went back to there before and after. We had a good time of debrief, and then to bed, up this morning early for Church at 8:00...much earlier than normal for the body there, but done so we could be on our way back to Teguc. The group helped with the communion, preaching, and by giving up some of their seats for people coming in late. It was a different service, but good. I thought Gender's choice of scripture to open the service was very appropriate, although I am sure he did not know what was transpiring when he chose it Psalms 37:39-40 "The salvation of the righteous comes from the LORD; he is their stronghold in time of trouble. The LORD helps them and delivers them; he delivers them from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in him."

We got word about the coup from a brother that came up to Sampedrana....but were mostly out of touch until we got to Burger King in Comayagua about 11:30. Now, I am not sure I can describe to you the sensation of knowing a coup has just happened....something that should be terrifying right? but first of all knowing that God has our backs in all things, and then second to know we could go back to Sampedrana if need be....but to walk into the fully functioning BK (generator....power was out all over the country....of course, we had not noticed since there is no power at all up there) and start ordering as if asking for no pickles or mayo is the biggest concern in the world at that just a little surreal. Then the news started coming back on (CNN via cable there....local media was shut down early, just told people to stay home) and we finally got a hold of Valerie and Julia back in TGU to find out all was well with them (I admit...not being able to get in touch with Valerie...who did not have electricity to answer the phone, and had let her cell phone run out of charge....who as well was out this morning despite warnings taking Dora and the kids home...they stayed Saturday night here at the house to have some fun, something they do not get often...was a little stressing for a while) We ate, prayed, thought, and commiserated with other Hondurans there in the restaurant (well, that last part was Oscar, Miguel and I) and decided the coast looked good to return to TGU (reports, signs of traffic, buses and tractor trailers) and so we were off. Generally, I did not get the sense anyone was too sad to see the prez gone.

I have not had such a peaceful and easy return back to TGU....for which....Praise God! At one of the routine police check points, the policeman even greeted me with a handshake and "what's up boss?" which obviously gave me an idea we were in God hands. No military blocking roads or not allowing traffic, in fact, life for most people along the road looked to be as normal. We got back to the mission house, and I marveled and how God had given us what we needed to get up, and get back, and do what we did there. Life around town was so calm, there were even guys from the Churc...and community...reaching out from the Church to get others to come...even if that visit is for football to start, so several of us went down, and the guys not only held their own, but actually bested the already there teams twice, and tied twice.

Is the situation now all resolved? I doubt it. There will be talking, there will be discussions, probably some arguments, etc. I do not know what will happen, but I know who is in control. Meanwhile, the clinic plans to be open tomorrow, the pastors plan on keep reaching and teaching and clothing, and we plan to take the group on their free day for some site seeing around town, perhaps a movie, and dinner out before they depart Tuesday. Oh, that site seeing will not however include any trips to the presidential palace or congress building, for obvious reasons.

Keep praying for this country....specifically for peace, and for God to reign here and direct us all, and for our safety...however I will not be one using such a forum as this to overexagerate the dangers here and make such pleas out to be as though we are really suffering or that the situation is worse than it is. If it is bad, I will tell you. If it is not, I will tell you that as well...I see no need to portray things any different than they are.

We are fine, and trusting in God...which is the most important. Thank you for your prayers and interest.

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