Monday, July 27, 2009


Sunday with the group we did something a little different. I would say that most of the time we use Sunday afternoons for clothing distributions, because more people are available. But as it worked out with this group, we chose to do a corn distribution (some of the last corn we currently have) with the Church's evangelism this particular case with Haydi, Elmer and Jorge...visiting families they identifed in a few neighborhoods where they have been focusing, and where they are focusing now. They tried to use the 20 bags of corn we took to identify those that needed the help the most on Sunday, and that was not hard to see in who we visited...just the physical places where they lived, or the stories of no work, problems, etc. that they share....although I must add that everyone seemed so happy to see us and talk to us. I am guessing the corn had something to do with that.
There was at least one husband of a woman we were visiting who was a little too happy to see us (read...drunk) but everyone was very grateful....for the corn, and several for the visit from the group and the evangelism team, and very encouraged and surprised by the seeds the group had for them, and the kids very excited for the hacky sacks and jump ropes.
(This picture is from a walk-through or drive-through restaurant of sorts as we were stopped. Note the non-fossil fuel method of cooking....very normal here, if not in drive-throughs, then in people's homes.)
I should point out...not one person brought up any politician's names. We talked about the hard situation here now....mostly the lack of work, the lack of stuff getting done which somewhat revolves around that, but not specifically that whole mess in and of itself.
Here we have our ever vigilent truck watchers.
Cecilia was in the other truck, but Soren and this kid had fun at ever stop with the hacky while we went was good for them to get out and about doing something again, it has been a month or so since they last got to participate.

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