Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday bloody Sunday

In case you were wondering...I do not set out to title these blog posts, I just write whatever comes to me as I sit here to type. Today's title gave me no pleasure to write.

At this writing there is one dead from the protestors that showed up at the airport in anticipation of the ex-president's plane arriving from El Salvador. From the reports I have seen, he apparently tried to break through the fence that protects the airport...which protest or not, is a big no-no anytime. I do not think anyone knows for sure how many protestors there were...but embassy estimates were over 12,000. I could see and hear much from my office window, but the actual ruckus happened at the other end of the runway. I could see some of it via television (when the new government did not force the channels off the air for stale repeats of previous press conferences and speeches by Catholic and Evangelical honchos....a very obvious ploy to control the information being distributed) and those facing the army were throwing rocks and some had bandanas covering their faces, etc. The army fired some shots in the air, and some tear gas as well.

When the president's plane (a nice private jet...supposedly Venezuelan by registry) flew over...the roars of cheering was like when we score a goal in world cup qualifying. All the cheering was coming from the protestors. However, the plane did not land....the military stationing vehicles on the runway. The airport officials/governmental FAA types said the plane was denied landing, filed no flight plan, etc. Like they did not know he was coming.

As it was obvious Mel was not going to land, another announcement came out that the normal curfew (imposed since last week) was being changed from 9pm to 6:30....leaving possibly just enough time for the group of protestors to go...somewhere. I guess they wanted everyone to disperse quickly eh?

Long story short...Mel has promised to try to return in the coming days, possibly using alternative means of transport. I could make a joke here, but I am really just not in the mood. Politically things will still be up in the air until he either gets back in country and it is figured out what to do (back in power, or to jail for a trial for all these charges they have against him) in my opinion. As long as they keep this dance up of not letting him back in...the situation will only fester. The idea the new government is saying is that by preventing him from entering, they are avoiding more violence, etc. I am not sure how much longer that dog is going to hunt.

Union Christian Church cancelled services this morning. We went to ICCC, which was as full as normal. Jorge gave a sermon tailored for these events...basically saying we are called to suffer, to rejoice in those sufferings, and glorify and be a testimony to God through all of those. Are we ready? He went on to list the ways we could be persecuted in the future...which are already happening all over the world, and could be coming in other parts. I must admit that I have had some scary scenarios play through my head in the past week. Just the idea of running this afternoon and leaving Valerie and the kids alone...

However, all is well, the power never went out, and the kids had a good afternoon of playing, making tents, we made bubbles (thanks Susan) and then watched a dead gecko be carried away by ants...which was very cool. (Also while doing this I was watching events around the airport.) School is supposed to go on as scheduled tomorrow, Valerie will be at the clinic....and I will be talking to those in the clothing ministry.

There are no more clothes, and Master Provisions will not be able to get us more until the end of the month likely. Yikes. Please pray for more outlets for good used summer clothes to be used here in Honduras. Through what Master Provisions is able to send us, so many are helped, Churches are able to do so hurts to see that struggle when we can not get clothes. Pastors have no salary, evangelists that serve full time have no offerings to help them live, and the Churches lose a great outreach. If you know of a Church or organization that would be able to help in the search of good used summer clothes, please let me know.

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