Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where is our focus?

I am continuing to update through this blog about the political situation here because I know from letters and Facebook that many people are genuinely interested, and as well the fact that good, trustworthy information from the international medicine is scarce. So I will include a little of that, but also something I have been thinking about today as I spent the day catching up on paperwork, and even spending a little time with the kids.

Political scene short story: about the same as yesterday.
long story: There were more manifestations today around the country, nothing much to write about...even though I am doing just that. The same gestures of foreign powers and news channels from abroad that all of the sudden are very interested in a city that CNN could not even locate correctly on their map (they had TGU situated about two hundred miles from where we are, probably out near Catacamas on the map Valerie and I saw.) Speaking of CNN, I was watching CNN International this afternoon, and the errors given inside maybe two minutes were more than I could count. Just one example: He is a center to right leaning political figure. Wow. Mel has decided not to come back until Saturday...the powers that be promise he will be charged with several crimes if he returns. My prayer is that whatever happens would just happen so we could move onward. The group scheduled for next Thursday would love for that to happen as well. I also heard that Mel spent just in TV ads over $2 million dollars promoting his 4th urn. That does not count the print ads, ads on the street, T-shirts, possibility that people were bought (or forced in the case of some governmental employees) to show up at protests, etc. There are rumors rapant as usual...I will not include any of those floating around until they are proven true, but we must be vigilent.

I did see the O'Reilly factor tonight with guest host Juan Williams as I was flipping through the Honduran and US news, and he seemed to be voicing concerns about the president's stance on Honduras...but the deputy press secretary basically said the US wants democracy restored here...again, I was not aware it was under attack....except from Mel Zelaya. Interesting.

I am saddened by the piling on of love and affection for Michael Jackson. I was saddened at his the thought that he was not in Christ when he died...but to see him elevated to such a high and lofty place is just sad. People are buying his music again in record numbers (nice pun) and why? Why is he more accepted dead than alive? But on the other hand, there are millions that are comfortable with a dead Christ...but one that lives? Hmmmm. I suppose the sight that his death garnered almost the entire front page of the paper here over the arguably more important story of the military chiefs being fired by Mel that day strikes me odd on some level as well.

I worked on the laptop this morning while spending quality time with the kids who are off from school until tomorrow for a teacher's conference, by assembling a new Lego kit Soren received as a gift...and letting them watch healthy TV....Star Trek Next Generation. If you have never had the pleasure of a group belly laugh at Data trying to smile, well, you are missing out my friend.


Mike said...

Felipe, Just wanted you to know we arrived home safe and sound around 6:15 last night. As expected everyone we talked to was interested in the political turmoil in Honduras. Our version doesn't match what our families are hearing on CNN.
Thanks for the great experience you arranged for our CIY group. The variety of construction, corn distribution, VBS, the milk program and clothing sales gave our students a good idea of your far reaching ministry. The medical clinic almost gets overlooked with all the other activities but Valerie and Company provide tender care for those in need on a daily basis. Thanks for your interaction with our students. The discussions and conversations helped shape their thinking. I enjoyed the whole trip. It seems you blink your eyes and it is over. I trust you'll take some time to recharge your batteries before the next group arrives. I loved meeting you and working together. More later. Grace be with you, Mike Bowers

Clint Bieri said...

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date through you blog. I trust you continue to do well. How is the country doing today? Has the el presidente returned? CNN and Yahoo news is showing much tire burning and military shooting out bus tires. Our parents are very concerned about our forthcoming trip. Is there anything you can share with us that would give us a better idea of what is happening? I am so disappointed in our news organizations and our state department! Please keep us posted!