Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lourdes, Camilo, protestors, Dora and Soren

So where was I? Oh yeah. This has to be quick tonight, so I apologize for spelling issues and general problems with being understood. You understand, right?

Friday we went to Lourdes/Nahun's civil wedding. They asked us to be their witnesses. I must confess to still struggling with why they would want us when there are closer friends, family, etc. and I can not point to any financial motive, etc. I guess I am just not ready to see how much they value our input on pulling the trigger and obeying God's word to get married. Same thing with her not wanting anyone else to marry them but me. My mind still struggles with "why? That does not seem like a good idea."

The first picture shows them with the ceremonial rod (I presumed it was to see which one would hit the other first, but no) with the back of the head of the rather odd/funny lady who presided over the wedding. She sure did shoot straight, and made sure they knew what they were getting themselves into...not to make marriage out as some fatal agreement or anything though of course....but did talk about the realities for women here, what a man's responsibility was interesting to say the least.

It all went well...including her sister Gladis seeing her grandmother (she and Lourdes have different fathers) that she had not seen for over ten years...neither knew where the other was living, etc. This was not least not by them, granmda just happened to be going by selling some food, and someone else in the family spotted her. It seemed like a pretty good reason to hang around for a while for them to get to talk, and Valerie to get a picture of them together.

Then we beat foot back to Teguc, got the kids from school, took them home, and then I had to hit the bank...poor choice of words, to deposit money for the taxes on the clothing container, and then back out another artery of town to see and encourage Camilo in the death of his mother. We went, we sat in a room by ourselves for the most part (all 15 or so of staff, former nursing students, Juan and Leandra, and Carlos, etc.) and shared, talked with Camilo, and then sang loud enough as a group that not only all the other mourners heard us, but part of the other people living on the mountain as well.

Saturday I went to run...I wanted to run a little longer, so I went for 1:35. Upon getting close to home, I noticed some much increased vehicular traffic. This was ok with me since I was running, but I was intrigued. As I came within two blocks of home, I could see protestors for the ex-president marching....marching down the street where we live, right in front of our front door. I quickly scanned the group (what I could see of the couple thousand or more of them) and decided I was not going to sit on the curb for them to pass, but instead worm my way through them and get in the gate. It was peaceful enough...and they did not decide to storm the house of the weird looking running gringo, but I have to admit wondering what would happen when I tried to go through the gate. Where they were going...I am still not sure.

Prayers for Dora tomorrow if you would....I will not bore you with the legal details of the Honduran system (nor would I claim to understand them all either) but her former "husband" (they were never married) has a new 20 year old girlfriend, who after a long story....threatened to kill Dora. Ok, fine. But then, this same woman, in quite the twist of irony, went to the DA's office and has made an accusation that Dora threatened to kill her. Now Dora has to show up for some sort of trial tomorrow...and obviously the consequences and going through with it are quite a bit for her to handle. Valerie and Dora talked this evening. Valerie was very upset for her....the list of problems and stuff thrown at her seem not to end. Then she got another call after Dora was in prayer....God sent her someone just at the right time who had been through the same thing and stopped by for a casual visit (lest I not be clear twice in the same blog...there are no such things as coincidences...I prefer the term, Godincidences) and was able to advise her on what will happen, what she needs to do, etc. It will still not be easy for sure, but she feels better equipped now, and before and after trusts in God no matter what. Including being advised that she needs to take all eight kids with her....getting on a bus at before 6 to get somewhere at 7 to then go to this can imagine how many ways she needs prayer.

Soren today revisited the table that could have just as easily taken his life. This does not give a fair represenation to the heft of this sucker, nor the vase of flowers that was also on top when he pulled it over on himself, but....well, God did not want him home yet is all I can figure. Of course, he was all but oblivious as to why I wanted to take the picture with him standing there until I reminded him. I do not think he forgot...maybe he just wants to forget? Something. It still makes me shudder a bit just seeing it.

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Anonymous said...

Trevor and Valerie,
Please let Dora know we are praying for her, what a terible mess. Please let her know that satan is strong but our God is stronger. I feeel sad that she has so much to go through, but it will all be so small and insignificant when compared to eternity. PLease give her extra hugs and encouragment from us.
with His love, Barb and Justin