Sunday, August 30, 2009


The wedding Saturday went slightly different that the plan, but all was well, and I did not screw up anything too bad, in fact I ended up doing some parts of the wedding I was not originally planning to do (like the ropes and the coins) God ended up giving me a different message than normal (no I Corinthians 13 this time....Romans 15:23-33 was the text I used, no time tonight to include why, but it was related to marriage, also used I John 4, and a little from Ephesians 5)

The clinic served as a somewhat interesting locale, but it did the job adequately, although we were pretty packed in there, and I recall it was a little warm.

Here is Mark (serving as Padrino) with Nahum (they were able to get a used suit for him...which fit very well!) and the rope that goes over him and Lourdes simbolizing them being tied together through marriage, the whole ball and chain type thing.

The food was good, the bouquet was thrown, cake was had...we had it all.
I even sat next to Silvia's youngest daughter and found out her and her boyfriend (both go to the Church) will be getting married next February. Remembering her as a little tiny girl fresh from eye surgery our first trips to seeing her getting married....time flies.

Saturday morning Mark helped us move everything out of the downstairs apartment, for the landlord's son to move in there, but it worked out ok, Soren and Cecilia are going to share a room while Elizabeth is staying with us (through mid December) and she will take the bunk bed and the couch from the apartment and have a nice room in Soren's room. We will see what her role develops into, right now she is helping three days a week with the milk project, getting more adjusted to the language, and helping Dora with gardening and other tasks. We will see what else God has in store for her and what ideas she brings to the table as she gets more experience (here she is playing with Oscar's son Oscar Nadir at the wedding)

And I saw this at Pizza House this afternoon with the kids....the futbolito table long has been without a ball because a long time ago I asked for one and they said they had been stolen. When we had taken groups...they just instantly sat down because how else could you play? But the kids were not so easy to dissuade...they found a dirty napkin on the floor that worked (better than nothing) as a make-shift ball.

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Laurie said...

I regret not going to the wedding. Having eye probls. Could not see well enough to drive. I am seeing a dr today. Hope to see u soon.