Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dependence day

September 15th is independence day for Honduras (and several other countries in these parts....independence from Spain) but I want to take this time to remind myself, and perhaps you, dear reader, as has been noted many times before....we may think we are independent, but we are only fooling ourselves. So I celebrate being dependent on God, because I know there is a way that seems right to a man, but it leads to death, and God's way is better in every way.

So I spent much of this past weekend getting ready for preaching at Union Christian Church on Sunday. I had known I was going to preach for two weeks, but pressing affairs kept me from getting much prepared until Saturday. We also played that morning, and I had to get the Power Point presentation for that ready as well. Valerie did a good job picking out some new songs to sing, like "No Not One" some familiar songs "Take My Life" and some familiar songs that we had never sung in Church before "God of Wonders" among others. The sermon is not up on the Church website yet (I was filling in for pastor Darren who had to take an emergency trip to Canada, and he does all the website work) but I can tell you the title was "God Can't"

Monday was seeing the clothing ministry guys, meeting with the Church construction directive about the coming group helping them, and trying to do a little work on the office computer (which inexplicably had water in it...the only thing I can figure is a leak in the roof...right over the computer) all with the kids in tow since they had Monday off for the Tuesday holiday. In the afternoon I did some mission banking that needed to be done. Our personal banking will have to wait...since I was in line and doing business in the two banks I had to visit (within feet of each other in the mall) for almost three hours. One perk from doing this banking the day before independence day was that the mall had invited a band to play, so at least part of the time in line we had some nice music. They played some interesting selections...from Latin rhythm to marches to US pop songs.

Monday Elizabeth had her hands full, literally and figuratively, working on some organizational items that normally would have fallen in my lap. She has been very helpful in doing quite a few things that otherwise have been on the back burner, like this picture showing her seeing what new shoes we have to make sure we will be able to do the upcoming activity with the group that arrives on Saturday. As she can attest, working in the container surrounded by boxes can make for some very hot work. She also sorted meds and clothes that we receive via a pilot that flies down with a major airline, has been organizing the construction container, and of course helping Nerys with the milk project three days a week. I think we are keeping her busy enough for sure.

It is weird to watch fireworks from a mile or two away. We are not sure really where they were being set off, but that did not bother Soren, and it seemed like an interesting way to take a picture, so I tried this out our window. They seem so low when you are higher and far away. Fireworks are not limited here to independence day, there are a few times a year when different organizations or business break them out for a show...and usually not just a five minute spread either. I must be getting old because even if I hear them going off...it is not enough to get me
out of my chair and over to the window.

And the cistern work continues. Not sure when the dogs will be unleashed in terms of the water coming down the pipes, but I think we will be ready when it comes. Expensive work to start, but it should save money in the long run not buying water for the bathrooms as well as not having to buy drinking water (when we purify what comes down the pipes.)

Prayer requests still needed for Valerie....her one problem has been resolved, but the leg pain is still there all the time, and I am leaving now to go help her and possibly bring her home (she just called) as she sounds like she is suffering from extreme stress. I have to admit...sometimes it seems to me to be stalking me as well.

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