Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Swelling and painful inflamation are commonly associated with Melitis. It is a dangerous condition that must be treated. Unfortunately scientists and politicians know as of yet of no cure for Melitis.

Former president Zelaya made a triumphant return to the trunk of a diplomatic car, being hidden and then holding up in the Brazilian embassy, where he still is. There is talk of starting a dialogue...but Mel is adament in returning to power (which he more than likely would not give up) or dieing.

There was a curfew as of Monday afternoon that continued until this morning at 10:00am to finally allow people to go and get groceries, fuel, etc. We broke that curfew after prayer and despite people advising not to do so....and drove up as a family to be with the group. We were glad we did, and God provided a safe path to the clinic with no problems...although of course there were some butterflies before we stepped foot in the river Jordan, or in this case drove out of our garage.
We helped the Church work on the wall, finished moving all the general medicine/optometry supplies to the new container location, fixed things, etc. A full day....including getting all the heavy equipment that needed a massive dental chair, refregerator, and building some new shelving units for the milk project.

Here you see the lovely starting position we had to work with in getting the dental chair started towards its new home. The ways we used to move it made us all a little more appreciative of the ancient Eqyptians.

Oscar decided to go back home...they were supposed to have Nadir's birthday party, and so he took Cecilia and Soren, and they ended up spending the night there with them, while we stayed the night with the group.
During the night some stores were looted near where we live (remember, we stayed with the group) and up near the clinic there were several protests...we saw the remains of the burning tires, rocks in the road, etc....a few blocks from the clinic, but nothing right next door.
This morning we were supposed to go to Sampedrana to do a shoe distribution to people that normally can not get any shoes...but the curfew was still in place.
Just when we made plans to work around the clinic again, it was announced that the curfew is being lifted for six hours for people to get groceries, fuel, etc. We decided to go even earlier (a little risky, but we were medical professionals...that always helps) and get in line. As you can see from the was a good thing we did. The store was getting busier and busier after the curfew lifted at 10. We are waiting for some of the clinic staff to finish checking out (they have been in line now for at least 45 minutes) and then we will try to get back to the clinic for them to see patients and for us to work the rest of the day.
Pray for Honduras...for some kind of democratic/republic respecting outcome to all this. The entire world seems at times to be favoring the communist favoring, Hugo Chavez partnering former regime, which really flusters many person commenting to someone in the group yesterday their frustration "what are you guys doing?" (meaning...why is the US government against democracy?)
We will likely stay the night with the group again in light of the curfew to be able to work up at the clinic again if the curfew does not lift tomorrow morning. Pray also for the group's safety, and the ability to leave back to the US on Saturday, and for our safety as well...for so many that we know that do not have food, water, etc.
We are fine...God is working so much in this group, in us, in everything...and I do not want to blow things out of proportion...but this is a very difficult time for Honduras, and it could go ok, or go South quickly and to a dark this point, no one really knows what will happen, but we know Him who is in control, and trust in that no matter what we see happen around us.

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