Saturday, September 19, 2009

A picture tour of Teguc

So yesterday involved various different things...including a Friday afternoon together with Valerie doing tasks, getting things done, etc. I kept seeing things that seemed least in my mind...and so here they are.

We started our journey going to get a piece of paperwork from our lawyer for me to get my residency renewed (normally easy...this time just a bit more complicated since we are getting our migratory status changed from "missionary" to "permanent resident." Then we went back all the way around town to renew the card, then back to the other side of town for the other tasks. Here we go!

Construction around town is down on whole due to the political uncertainty, however some big projects especially are still going full force. This big building keeps going, and going. As I recall, this building was begun when I was running on that side of town...over two years ago. I am sure there will be plenty of parking to go along with that building...that never seems to be the case with such buildings here.

I am not a big fan of the new Audi grill treatments, but this car owner (spotted at Pricesmart) must really be excited about it. I am always tickled at taking very plain underpowered four door cars being modified (at least on the outside) into "super dope cool" machines. Add of course the requisite big tail pipe that makes lots of noise and you have the ensamble complete. The only other option is the in-dash DVD player. If you wonder why someone is driving odd...sure, it could be talking on a cell phone, it could be texting...or several times I have seen that it is someone engrossed in the movie they are watching.

This building used to be a bowling alley. It has been a Church for probably six years. Every time we drove by, I always complained to Valerie that it made no sense to me that a Church that big, that wealthy, would not have any sign on the building. If you did not drive by on Sunday morning...easily you would never know there was a Church there. They finally put up a sign....not much of a sign, but a sign. And since Valerie was with gave us something to talk about for a few minutes again.

Especially we had the time because we were waiting in traffic...just to get into traffic. This is a nice picture of the hospital that a former first lady raised the money to build (too bad we could not get the four lanes of traffic...on a two lane the frame as well. This beautiful building, with a great location was built five or six years ago it is hard for me to remember exactly, was championed as a new children's hospital to provide good care where the public hospital was failing. Who was not excited about that? But then the time came to dedicate it...and instead of raising the funding to build the building and hire the staff, they instead built the building and then gave it to the government...the same people trying to run the failing public hospital they already had. Basic answer upon receiving such a nice gift? "Thanks...but, uh, we are already having problems running one hospital, how could we operate and fund another one?" So....there it sits empty, as it has since it was built.

We actually took a few minutes to enjoy a strawberry smoothie at the grocery store after doing more shopping. Dora is a character that has returned to the La Colonia grocery store to cut prices all over the store. I say she is a rip off of Dora the Explorer. Valerie disagrees saying she looks nothing like Dora. I remarked that obviously she needs her eyes examined, because it was obvious that in the US we have a Latin Dora, and here they have thought the best thing was to combine a Caucasian Dora with Edna from the Incredibles. Riveting conversation we have as always.

And finally....can you guess what can be seen in this cloud formation? The right cloud...the big bulk of a cloud, has something in profile that can be seen. I mean, really look at it before you read what we saw, which I will tell you right now was a very clear gorilla. We do not get clouds of the what-can-you-see-in-them kind. Today I even saw the Great Gazoo...but alas I did not have my camera. Go figure.

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