Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Long day

So, the container did come...but as usual, did not get released until the end of the day, so we started unloading as the sun set...and into the night, which as you can imagine moving medical equipment, a huge baptismal, heavy desks, etc....can be a little hazardous.

It now occurs to me....over and over again, that we need more container space. Wow, we have stuff everywhere, and praise God for such "problems" it will take us quite a while to get it all sorted out and used/distributed to the diffferent staff/areas of the mission.

The driver for our load was...not the most cordial we have had. In fact, he was fairly rude and not respectful of what we were telling him about how best to be able to leave. As took quite a while for him to depart once the unloading was done. In fact, he got so mixed up that I had to pull him up the hill to the new clinic so he could leave. There is something very viral and cool about getting into a F-250 truck and pulling a semi and trailer up a hill. Something a bit odd as well, but it happened.

This is such a good thing to have all the great items that came in the container...but it is also a burden I can feel pressing in the back of my mind. In fact, just while we were unloading Oscar had some more potential bad news to add to an already overwhelming time for me (I can think of several different items on my to-do list that are important that I am not sure when I will be able to tackle) that indicates because we are still not able to get the equipment to get our lab up and running, we may lose our very good and valuable lab tech to another job....and the doctor that has helped us and would have backed us in the lab has had to quit waiting and took another job. It might still work out...but it adds to the other straws on the proverbial back. Good thing it is not to me to carry that weight, carry that weight a long time...even if sometimes it does in fact feel that way.

Later this morning I will depart for CHE training in Talanga...a day I am hoping will be encouraging in a different way. We will see what God has in store!

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