Friday, February 26, 2010

Bus stop

As we move forward to help the Teguc Church, one of the first things we can do is start the search for a Church bus. Of course, Church buses here are school buses in the US.

We saw this recently brought bus while the group was souvenir shopping yesterday. After a few phone calls, talking to a bus driver or two, and inquiring with a customs agent about taxes, etc. we think a bus like this one would cost us about $20,000 all told to get from the US to here in Honduras.
We are still working on specifics, but it looks like one of these transit buses is what we are searching for, must be year 2000 or newer, preferably a Blue Bird, with air brakes and of course a diesel engine. Finding one with a manual transmission is nearly impossible, so that change over will likely be done here.
So....knowing about what we need, we need to start to share the need, ask for help from anyone and everyone, and pray for God's direction in the search, purchase and figuring out which way to transport it to Honduras would be best. We are not looking for $20k from one donor...every little bit helps to get us to the for a Church to provide safe transportation to its get home at night after Church and men's/women's/youth services, on Sunday when finding a public bus to get to Church is very hard to impossible in some places, and to expand how many people can get to the Church...they are at their limit as to how many people they can transport for Church and meetings, let alone for conferences and excursions in the bus they have now...which is no joke in that they pray hard for it every time before they leave that it would actually make it to the destination in one piece. Finding something to serve them for a decade or two would be a huge boost to their ability to do ministry, not to mention morale for those in the Church, and opening new doors to opportunities for outreach as well.
If you know of a way in which we could find one of these cheaper, donated, or have any tips for such a large undertaking, please let me know. This is something we have never done before, and while we are learning...we have much yet to learn.


Mike said...

I am checking sources nearby. be in touch. Mike

Laurie said...

Please if you read this... I have seen the outmoded "bus" that the church has. Only a supreme act of faith would get me to ride in that contraption. They need a bus... and I want my stuff from the latest group. Monday.