Monday, February 15, 2010

So today I am trying to figure out the design for Hill Climber coffee stickers for this year. Keep the same sticker or try to design something totally new? Hmmm, I feel like that if I design something new it should be hand written, not done on the computer, but I am not sure I can pull it off. Hmmm again.

I also need to run some errands pursuant to a possible sale of the Defender, in this case to a long time friend. Hopefully that pans out, it remains to be seen, but we are hopeful.

Church yesterday was different. I actually sang while we played. Valerie started doing this on a regular basis quite some time ago. I always thought I could not do that, but it actually worked out pretty well...or at least so I hope. Hopefully in the future we can get a tape of how we did so we can see where to improve, especially since it is hard for us to hear ourselves both play and sing, so we mostly go off how we think we sound. If you get a chance to listen to the sermon there from last week (part 1) and especially this is challenging and will make you think. You can find it at

Soren got some help yesterday writing down what he was thinking in Sunday School class. In case you do not want to see the bigger picture, and I would not blame you, the mix of mostly English says "I'm thankful I can smell 'pompis' (Honduran slang for your caboose), poo, burbs (should be burps), bird, hair, nothing. And you can not quite tell from this picture, but Valerie endorsed Soren's new haircut, so it stands...I gave him new nicknames of Jethro, Gunny, or Gibbs, two guys at Church just called him jarhead, which he did not really appreciate quite as much.

And among the several interesting things at the grocery store yesterday (a display for Splenda...with a chef...making mayonnaise with splenda...or at least something involving carrots and other vegetables and the two women dressed in mock (slightly shorter than normal) school-girl uniforms selling Listerine) were this new little carts. I have seen them here for a couple weeks, but our intern Jana (from Indiana...will be here for almost three months, for a few weeks working in the eye clinic, then helping with groups, then TBD) said they have not yet appeared in the US yet, which I found surprising. Somehow we can not import those little bag stands to bag groceries much quicker, but we are ahead of the trend on converting the hand held baskets to these roller models? Surely they exist somewhere in the US already?

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Laurie said...

I like the new header. And I like the new carts at the Colonia, too. Not sure abut Soren's pic and words.....