Monday, March 8, 2010

I Love the Lord

Brigade work is a little more intense than just a regular group. You leave earlier, get back later, and blog less....amongst other things.

Last week's medical brigades went very well. Most of the team had done such work before, several here and several in other places, so it was very much a well oiled machine from the first day. After the fact...we could have easily handled probably 250-300 patients per day, which is usually not exactly the case. It went so well that while I normally have to translate seeing patients, which I really enjoy, I ended up working in the pharmacy translating every day. That has its own interesting twists, but it definitely is different to make a connection with people while trying to get everyone their medicines. I could still have a little fun and talk with people while we waited, but generally it was fast paced and there was not much time just standing around. Although I did have time to talk at length with Spiderman here, who enjoyed my helping him to reach new heights around the ceilings of where we were set up.

Sampedrana's brigade day pictured is a tight fit, but it worked...registration and triage work outside, doctors in the sanctuary, pharmacy in the living room, health station outside, and medicine dispensing on the porch. Even with most of the men and women working harvesting coffee, we still saw over 130 patients...and got home at 7:00PM that night. If everyone was available to be there that needed help...we would have ended up having to stay the night! Pastor Gender's use of the hygiene kits that were being distributed in the teaching station to make a spiritual analogy of God's Word being the hygiene kit for our souls was very original, creative, and memorable.

While we were there we picked up the first 411 pounds of Hill Climber coffee for 2010! It went over very well with the group (they had to try it while we worked of course) and we have about 160 pounds now in the US available for shipping for those interested. We are learning more as we do this for a second year, including anticipating another 600 pounds of coffee delivered this month, more than doubling what we did last year. For every pound we sell, it only enables us to bless the Church there more, and as well create funds to expand this work in Sampedrana and maybe in San Juancito soon. Every one of you can help us to spread the word about this great shade grown organic coffee and the purpose behind it...and the more people we get involved, the faster this can expand and bless more Churches and people in the future! Very exciting stuff if I do say so myself!

Cecilia wrote a song....I thought she was just making it up as she sang to me from the back seat...but then I found her notebook that had the lyrics. I was floored, and thought I would share it here.

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