Monday, March 15, 2010

Land of no lakes...but maybe a Church?

I have not stopped moving today other than a brief lunch break. I knew today was a day to do "stuff" out of the house....even now I have not stopped for supper because there is at least one item in this post that is very important, and yet another thing of which I have been praying/contemplating/almost worrying...but not quite.

A friend asked me today if I was doing catch-up work after the groups had left. Catch-up implies you actually catch something. I believe I made the analogy of trying to play tag with six chickens. You might get one, but in tagging that one you leave the other five running free. Of course, if you are catching chickens that is easier, but usually it is hard to catch these kind of proverbial birds.

Today I went over some information about the clothing ministry with all the guys, helped Jana and Dora just a tiny little bit as they worked on organizing supplies (toys, household goods, school supplies, etc.) in a couple containers, talked to Oscar about fixing lighting issues in the man cave, milk project and mission house, took some missing supplies for a secret project for Cecilia at school (hint...there is a holiday coming up later this week, Friday I believe) got Valerie's and my new residency documents, visited immigration to get my new card paperwork started, worked with our mechanic on some minor Defender and Land Cruiser issues while discussing the Blue Ford's new AC evaporator I bought in the US which will be coming soon, got the kids from school and talked with Oscar and Gender about the coffee pricing to make sure the Church is being blessed by what we are doing, started doing financial work on the clothing get a little glimpse there.

So the important part of the post deals with this drawing. This is a representation of a bigger piece of property available in Talanga for the Church there. Close to the main drag, bigger than the last property he found, and with this extra tag along property also for sale which would make a nice place for Sunday school rooms, a house, etc. Total cost is $13,000, but for a much bigger piece of property than we were original thinking possible. is God's turn to bless this and come up with the cash from some source(s) if this is to happen. Pray if you would...and give if you feel led.

Bad picture, great story. Cecilia heard that a group member from the FAME team was going to Haiti. So she went through her closet for clothes to send kids there. She had seen much of the earthquake coverage on the news, and just felt led to do it. Very cool stuff.

Ok, so there is a Wheel of Fortune from Spain we were watching on a european TV station, and I loved this particular category...three words with their origins in English. I am sure you can figure them all out. By the way, the biggest value on the wheel was €1000, the equivalent of the $10,000 space on the wheel that falls in between the bankrupt strips. And it took this long for the puzzle to be solved because the contestants did not know pedigree. I love the Spanish pronunciation of iceberg as well...very interesting.

It has been hot...not hot for Central America, but hot for Tegucigalpa. We do not have a pool, but this was the next best thing last weekend. After sitting in the pool for a while, Cecilia decided to also get to soak her head. She was quite happy to do that over, and over, and over again.

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Laurie said...

Your daughter and I have something in common: dunking in water. Except I have been using the shower, getting all of myself a bit wet and a bit cooler.