Friday, March 12, 2010

Mystery to the fool, obvious to the Wise

God is awesome...powerful, and we are fearfully and wonderfully made by Him. I am not sure I have studied enough to know what I am doing, but I sometimes find myself switching from hiding my face in consideration of how great and awesome is He to sometimes like today where I ebbed and flowed to the other end of looking up with a smirk on my face in the same recognition, but like a child figuring out that Dad has a plan working even when I am far to small to see it working itself out.

The first thing was finding out from our lawyer that both our residency paperwork is done. We started that switch probably a year ago or so with the possibility of the then-president making life difficult for missionaries. Our prior residency status was as religious workers, but since we are parents of two Honduran children, we will have a more permament residency status. I am not sure if we will still have to go every year or not for new cards and such, we will find that out Tuesday when I can get both myself and Valerie over there, but just finally seeing light on that situation is...refreshing.

Of course, I would not be a good pessimist by nature if I did not point out that she is still struggling to get the accident trial done. This is the one related to the incident Oscar had back almost three years ago.

Then I got an email from FCO (Fellowship of Christian Optometrists) about helping us with Valerie's Continuing Education trips this year she needs to make. We knew she had to get this resolved this year, but the more we look into it, the more daunting it becomes, both physically trying to take 200 hours of classes this year, not to mention paying for all of it, those classes done on the internet and the big bunch of it needed to be done by her in the US. They have very graciously decided to help us keep the financial side of that blow to likely being $0! Talk about a speechless moment to smile and just look sheepishly up at Dad.

I am old enough to have learned the lesson that God is in control and looking out for those of us called to His service (Romans 8:28-29), through the good, the bad, and the uncertain...and also old enough to learn that...I will keep learning it the rest of my life. We look at the people of Israel in Exodus especially but really throughout the OT and could they doubt and want to go back to being slaves in Egypt? How could they not remember what God had done for them? Parting the waters was not enough? Manna from heaven? And the list goes on? What dunderheads! And then although I can remember years, and years, and years of things God has shown me, taking care of me and proving His hand is in control, sometimes almost to the point of whacking me over the head with it because I was so clueless...I worry about how we are going to build the Church building, how are we going to find a bus, how are we going to....fill in the blank several times as I can think of plenty of concrete items and even just ideas like future Church plants, etc. Good to know that as a dunderhead I am in good company, and have His Word to remind me of what I so quickly tend to forget.


Laurie said...

I like the picture.

The Mom (Leah) said...

Yes, the picture has this eerie, beyond 3D effect. Having been to Tecug, I understand the view outside the gate. I'm thinking this picture could earn money in photo contests somewhere.

Felipe/Trevor Colby said...

I liked it as well, did not think anyone else would enjoy it that much.

It should be noted...I did not take that picture, it was from some Facebook posted pictures from a group that was recently here. I might try to recreate it though in a higher resolution version.