Friday, April 16, 2010

doctor the results

So Valerie left yesterday after much planning and preparing of her whirlwind trip. Three weeks there, only four not occupied by commuting (in between Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois) and being in her important continuing education classes. Four free days in three weeks may seem not great but tolerable...but I am sure they will not be spent lounging around, that will be time to seeing some family and buying supplies before she returns. I am guessing in three weeks she will put more than 2,000 miles on the ol' Sable. As much as I might want to in a few ways lament having to pick up some of the slack here...I am sure what she is going through is much harder.

So, I am left here with my regular responsibilities, as well as helping the children develop their immune systems by washing their hands only when absolutely necessary, and rumor has it that someone that looks remarkably like me has to see Valerie's patients. Which, that person this morning was busy solid from before 8:00AM until noon, and could have seen patients in the afternoon likely if he was able. He saw a corneal abrasion, some simple dry eye, toxoplasmosis, a seven year old from the milk project (with a chicken pox related red eye) and several other people he can now no longer remember, almost all of these patients were first exam patients, and most referred from other family members or friends. It is humbling to know that someone is trusting you to help them in such a way...from the relatively minor allergy patients to such as giving bad news to somebody who did not know they had toxoplasmosis.

Right at noon I had to beat foot for a court hearing with our lawyer. I was not sure for what, but when she calls, I go. Only to find out...the meeting was an hour later than she originally planned. So I took the hour to visit our bank quickly for some errands there (and found out that I might be denied for a credit card because where we work is considered simply "too dangerous" for a messenger to deliver the paperwork) snack on some jerky I had in the car for "lunch" and then get the kids from school. Finished off the afternoon with a run in the sprinkles. We have had the most unusual weather for probably the last year or so. The drought through the rainy season last year, then the rain over holy week, and right now as I type it is dumping a very good, hard rain again tonight. Go figure. We might actually make it with water for the town until rainy season at this rate.

More pictures and stories of encouragement as well as ones that could "get you down" tomorrow. It has been...a very unusual week.

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