Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not a step unknown

Wednesday was a great day in just about every way I can categorize it. The weather was great for more construction, cool and cloudy most of the day but without any rain (although rain would of course have been appreciated as well), the group continued to work very hard on everything they did...pouring more concrete, building the Church fence, finishing the bunk bed curing, and even painting the outside of the clinic (white sealer...the blue will come via a group later this year.)

After lunch some helped with the milk project, and then we all broke up into four groups and distributed rice, conversation, and prayers in the four directions from our little compound.

It was powerful to see how God was using all those activities, and even the sunrise, to show so many in the group so many different things...about where contentment really lies, about ourselves and our relationship with God, about our talents and how we use them, and about how God puts things in His order for His glory and for our good. Our debrief times at night are always enlightening (and I speak for myself here for the most part) but that night was definitely God driven.

That night on the way home I was stopped by the bus stop waiting on traffic to clear, with my window down...not something I normally do. A man passed by me wal
king and immediately stopped. He started talking to me and I presumed he was drunk (of course I did...I always expect the best in people right?) but the more he talked, I repented, and then thanked God for another moment I surely needed right then. He told me how thankful he was that "we" were working in his country, how he prayed for us foreigners that came to do so much here, and that he had been touched several years ago because a team from the US built him a house...that he thought about that a lot, and also about his US missionary friends he knew that were killed in Iraq several years ago. I stammered a thank you over and over again, and I am not sure which of us was most encouraged by the encounter...which was not by coincidence for sure.

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Karen Krupski said...

This is Karen Krupski (Noelle's Mom). Thank you so much for taking the time to type up these updates. Hearing about the work and the witnessing opportunities give me such excitement! I pray for you all often during each day.