Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Full House

After getting back from Guatemala...it was a very busy, awesome, different, unique week.

We brought Aaron from CIY back with us Saturday to see more of the mission where their organization sends groups fairly regularly for the past several years, as well to see where our coffee comes from in Sampedrana...God seems to be working on ways in which He will use that in even greater and different ways, and making those connections is always a way God reminds me He is really calling all the shots.

Sunday we picked up Nick, an intern for three weeks who is looking at going pre-med in school. He is working mostly with Jana now in the clinic, observing, helping out wherever needed, and definitely keeping busy playing with Cecilia and Soren. Jana was gone this past weekend to Costa Rica to be able to stay until August here legally (long story with visas here and the CA4...you are probably not interested, so I will skip her expensive and rather interesting trip...needless to say: we felt for Jana) so Nick spent the first few days hanging with Aaron, myself, Oscar, and Travis.
Travis works with World Mission Builders, and it happened to work out he arrived Sunday as well to scout future possible sites for that organization to come down (at least a year from now even if we are approved) and build Church meeting buildings.

So...we had a full house, which was awesome!

The trip to Sampedrana on Monday the 24th was...one of the most interesting drives I have had here. We went in the mighty Defender which is up to just about any kind of driving task.
It has been raining here quite a bit...and that Monday it rained pretty much all day, making for muddy and interesting driving conditions the likes of which I dare say we have not seen. We have been stuck or seen rock slides before...but nothing quite compared with the overall condition of the road like that Monday. Good thing we still had the Defender for the trip!
We went to scout a new building for the Church there...there is space next to the house for it, as well to see the coffee property, which to date I had not been able to visit. Despite Gender thinking it was five minutes from the Church (by motorcycle perhaps) it is not close, but certainly beautiful. Of course in this country beautiful usually means not easy to access. You can see the path we walked to get to the river to see across to the property...by no means were we going to attempt to cross the swollen river...it was a path/stream. The property you are seeing does not sum up all the coffee production (above the river...there is a "road" that passes there on the front of the property), but does give you a rough idea. Hopefully in the future we can buy more property, perhaps property closer to the Church building even.

We made another such trip to scout the newly purchased property in Talanga
the next day. With total indebtedness we give thanks to the Church body in the US that donated the money to secure the property there. Despite what you might think...good property here is not cheap! To visit and see that blank space there in the middle of a neighborhood where there are no Churches...it is exciting and scary stuff as well to think of everything involved to get to where they need to be. We are praying that World Mission Builders will be able after all to be able to help with the construction there...as well as the Church itself already saving money for the future needed blocks and working towards a temporary lean-to for services alrea
dy since they are going to be quickly without a rented location due to the necessary move they need to make.

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