Thursday, June 3, 2010

No sheriffs or deputys here

Last night during supper we talked about how things went at the clinic for Valerie, Jana and Nick. It was quite interesting, I figured it was worthy of inclusion here.

As they approached the clinic, everyone could see there was quite the line of people waiting. Just as they finished handing out numbers to everyone that could be seen that day...a speeding police truck rushed up the hill...with a policeman who needed treating for being shot in the hand. Either the bullet was already removed for analisis or some other reason, but mostly they brought him there to be patched up.

The real remarkable part of the story to me was that the police brought their gunshot victim to our little clinic rather than to a government hospital. It goes to show that they respect how they are treated there...but I still was rather surprised.

Valerie told me that a vendor down in Ciudad Lempira (fruit) also came to have some shrapnel removed from his foot, plus there was a woman that passed out in front of the building....again all of this before the regular number of patients were being seen.

No one who ever worked there said life around the clinic was ever boring.

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Laurie said...

Nope, it ain't boring. And the number of people who wait at my door to see my as a doctor is sad and amusing at the same time. How many times do I patiently direct sick and weak old ladies to the "real" clinic up the hill? I guess I could pray for 'em before they trudge up to the gray building.