Friday, July 16, 2010

Good steak? Chimichurri yes, Ketchup no

The group from Brazil left Thursday...Brazil Indiana of course.

Some pictures and captions from the rest of the great week God gave us:

Rice distribution in Teguc after the World Cup final...we did not know it was planned, but our truck ended up visiting some of Valerie's friends from the ravine where she worked quite hard a few years ago. It was good for them, and for her...and many families there still have great physical needs

The milk project crowd Wednesday afternoon. I stopped counting around 80. They all came outside to see a rather thespian performance of Jonah...including some rather interesting props (a sheet doubling as a boat was rather clever I thought) and also setting off another Mentos/Coca Light fountain.

Rice distribution with Celeo in Talanga on Tuesday...was rather interesting. I have done a fair number of these, but this was the first time in quite a while that we could not cross a river to get to families who had no other access (we received quite a bit of rain the night before, normally people just rock walk across I was told) So our guide waded across to find the families living amongst the sugar cane and brought some of the family back with her to be able to get the goods.

And after our truck exhausted our supply of rice...I found out Oscar's truck had only distributed to a few homes before the truck slid into a rather deep ditch. Once we found him, we had reason to use the winch on the Land Cruiser. As you can see...we had plenty of help from willing neighbors.

The sewing ministry's birth this week went extremely well. To be honest this was a great way for us to see how women would respond to the possibilities represented by the ideas and expertise that the women in the group brought....and they responded overwhelmingly well. Finally it would seem we have a great way to use the clothing we receive that is less than optimal for actual clothing here! Very encouraging. Silvia is sporting a backpack/purse she made.

We still do not know how this will go forward...but seeing that there were calls for more sewing time, questions as to when the women could come back, or move is more obvious than ever that it will indeed go forward!


The Mom (Leah) said...

I have so many more ideas to share. Wish I could hop on the plane and be there tomorrow. If the Lord is willing, I plan to return next summer.

Laurie said...

Gee. Next summer? What about August, September and October?

The Mom (Leah) said...

Laurie, I will doing another mission during those months--teaching!