Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mixed items of high quality

I have some pictures here that needed to be included somewhere, this seemed to be as good as a spot as any...especially starting with this picture:

If you thought the last post was about buying "assorted seafood" at the grocery store. There is some seafood I eat...but quite a bit that does not generally interest me. Mixing assorted stuff together that apparently fits no other selling category, which in my mind is one stage above chum, for less than $2.50 a pound...yeah, that fits in the second category.

Someone remarked not too long ago that you never see trash cans in Honduras, as a reason for seeing so much trash in the streets (they should have been here in the 1990s). I thought about first thought was: How many trash cans do you just see in the streets in the US? Maybe more than I remember. But then I saw this one at the airport. This is also reminiscent of the ones that were made for the Church, and that we made for the clinic. Take a 55 gallon drum, cut it in half, poke some holes in the bottom for drainage, and presto! Public trash cans are not plentiful by any means...but they do exist, and are slowly growing in number.

In the airport here previously there was a photo display of the different Indian tribes represented in Honduras. That was then replaced by a retrospective on futbol. Included are all the teams, history of the stadiums, etc....and also a few big pictures like this one. I'll quote but this is a paraphrase of what the text says: "It is easy to say that it is futbol where Hondurans have grouped together ethnically and socially. Futbol has served not just as a national identity, but like no other means has gotten together the different ethnicities and social groups, be those mestizos, indigenous, and black."

No question there in my mind. The interesting part is the picture on the left...which seems to be taken from somewhere a century or more ago. Represented are different interracial couples, and what the resulting children would be called. For example, "Spanish" man and Indian woman...mestizo. Mestizo man with Spanish woman...Castizo. Castizo man with Spanish woman...Spanish. I do not know how long this list really is...only the first 16 are represented here.

Sorry for the non-horizontal nature of this picture. I can not figure out why blogger does this sometimes...I tried everything I could think of to change it, but I took it because I wondered if someone could explain to me what they are doing? I know it is for road construction, but there were literally hundreds if not over a thousand bags of concrete that were placed on the ground (not ready for the road portion yet) and then just ripped open and dumped where they sat. What purpose this serves intrigues me. Promises have been made that the road widening (from Tegucigalpa North to Comayagua) will be completed before the end of the year....and while the progress is slowly becoming evident...I will believe it when I see it. For those that do not know...the project is either entirely or at least in its majority being funded by the millennium account from the US government.

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