Monday, October 18, 2010

Is there something God on TV?

Today I went to Talanga to sign off on His Eyes purchasing a 1/3 share in Channel 15 from one of the original workers in the TV business. Our pastor Celeo owns another 1/3 share, and we will purchase the last 1/3 from another fellow worker at some point soon.

Why get involved with TV? This was an opportunity Celeo got wind of some time ago, got involved, and started with some programs weekly, talking about CHE, sharing the Gospel, and getting his face out more to the community. Our intern earlier this year, Jana, had her own show there for almost a month.

We have already received a critical piece of equipment that is allowing the station to work, but as you can see from these pictures...there is still much left to do. We are praying about some further involvement from the US that would help things improve in terms of quality and equipment as well as training.

The cameras the station has are only good for live broadcasts, and currently they have no computers to handle programming, editing, accounting, etc. (they will need at least two.) They also don't have any real sets to speak of for setting up any shows.

The idea here is to see how converting, so to speak, to Christian programming exclusively will generate ad revenue and also other Churches, people who want to have their own TV show. We bought out the other partners because one of them especially...was not exactly thrilled with the move from Reggaeton and rap videos, Pokémon, etc. to a strictly Christian format.

With revenue, employment is possible for those working in the station, to help maintain the pastor, and perhaps eventually to help with needs of the Church and maybe even the mission in other areas.

The signal is not nationwide...just Talanga and about five other small towns nearby. We are not even over the air...only broadcast via cable...but with the location of either have cable, or you have no signal to watch TV, so almost everyone in Talanga that watches TV...we are able to reach.

(seen here...a cool painting...and the "studio lighting" for live broadcasts)

Are you interested in putting on your own TV show? Would you enjoy being an actual TV sponsor and be able to select broadcasting Spanish dubbed reruns of Little House on the Prairie or Davey and Goliath? Let me know, we can make you a star! (albeit locally)

I must admit the twisted joy of broadcasting "The Office" in Spanish where I would not even be able to see it...but know I had a hand in it hitting the airwaves...somehow just seems wrong.

If things go well and develop in the coming months, we will be looking to build a small building on the Church property itself to house "the production studios" and thus stop paying rent for the current location and start getting people associated with the property even before the Church building will be built next year. Such a building would not really need to be large, especially to get started.

Please pray about this opportunity...a new direction, new opportunities, and increased revenue possibilities....that God would direct and give wisdom to Celeo how to administer this to God's glory and self sufficiency!

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Chad said...

I would love to help with this if I can, especially if there are special projects you'd like help producing. I have an HD camera and sound equipment as well as professional editing software and the computer to run it. I also have some experience and other resources that may be helpful. My wife and I arrive in Tegucigalpa on Saturday where we will be living and working with a ministry in the city.