Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wish List

There is a container leaving from Indianapolis early November, and I am trying to put together what we need to get, buy, find, etc. There are many things we could use, but right now I am specifically thinking of what we have to buy if we can not find it elsewhere.

I thought some of you might have some ideas where to get these cheap, or might even help us get them, so I will include them here:

1. UPS battery back-up systems (clinic, TV station, computers) the bigger the better with our power outages
2. Big fans for cooling in the mission house, man cave and wimpy fans, I am even right now looking at this one or a pedestal fan (
3. Tool kits for the vehicles and use in construction...something like this
4. Christmas gifts for all the staff...thinking of cutlery sets, silverware sets, utility knives (like leatherman) and/or... other ideas you might have) enough for between men and women 13 different gifts!
5. Twin sized mattresses for the mission house...where can I get the best deal on these when buying in bulk?

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