Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Be still

As I am noticing...I have not had time to think let alone take the time necessary to post something of actual value here. I am back home in Honduras, getting out of one very rewarding, fruitful and tiring routine and back into "the norm." What that sometimes beyond explanation, and is especially more challenging with the problems that the mission has had here since I have been gone.

Several thousand miles flown, something around or over 3,000 miles driven (in three weeks!) and so many brothers and sisters was amazing. Amazing to see so many praying for us in a variety of ways, caring, sharing, and in huge ways keeping God's work here going. To be most sure if there is any doubt...the work here is God's and He has many, many more involved in carrying it out than just us few that live here full time. How awesome is our God!

Difficulties abound...I wish I had time even today to post some real updates on some of the spiritual warfare that continues to surround us, but I'll just say that sometimes it is good to see the sunrises/sunsets, to appreciate the Artist that sets in motion the painting that some parts of the world get to enjoy almost every day, and be still and know He is God.

More later, hopefully some more pictures as well.

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