Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hill Climber coffee 2011

We are considering how much Hill Climber coffee to produce in 2011 with the coming harvest. We are anticipating a growing demand for what an overwhelming majority tells me is great stuff, and we may end up producing double what we did this year...which means that much more we as a mission can do with the money raised to further help the Churches here be more financially independent.

There is a poll on the blog here...take a minute to vote if you are a customer or potential customer of Hill Climber coffee. We are gauging what kind of mix to do next year between whole bean and ground, and this could help us make some preliminary decisions.

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Mrs. Mills said...

I did not see the poll, but I would be a potential customer. I bought some through the international market at our church, Owensboro Christian in Owensboro, KY, in December.