Monday, December 6, 2010

Random picture time

Ok, so I was drawn to this stand in a souvenir store because I am a semi-Real España fan. you know the story with all these tiny red bracelets?

People put them on babies due to a belief that has to do with what I translate from Spanish as..."the stink eye" or more literally "the evil eye." You can make their child sick if they do not have this on to protect them. I think especially if you have light colored eyes. These are worn by seemingly every matter if you are a believer or not.

I just love this sign to keep quiet...please.

When you are sitting in a hospital, you just have too much time to see the earnestness in her desire for you to shut up...but in a nice way. She is so motivated for your silence that she seems to have to grab her hair at the same time. Somehow it is like one of those paintings...wherever you are in the room, her eyes, and finger, seem to follow you.

Oh yes, Black Friday invades Honduras. I am not sure how many people knew why Black Friday was important...nor what "sale"..."black"...or "friday" meant, especially when all put together. Well, I suppose enough people knew that this store took out the whole page ad in the paper.

Differences? I am fairly confident the police did not have to show up...there were no door busters, the sale was actually from Friday to Sunday, and they had regular hours, not opening at 4:00AM

Here is something you do not want to see when visiting the rather fancy private hospital: the folder for death certificates.

Note...this is on top. The vital signs folder is below. Hmmmm

Note...they seem to have plenty of copies. Hmmmmm translation for death "de-function"

I visited a rather large pharmacy recently, and being the optometry flunky and not interested in the other medicines I had time...plenty of look at while I waited, I looked to see what they had for sale, and how their prices compared to what we have available at Valerie's side of our clinic. (We are cheaper, by a far cry, on what we carry, no worries.)
Sure, they had new to the market antibiotics, allergy meds, steroids, (even a antibiotic/steroid combo we had not heard of yet) and more OTC that in the US you would need a prescription to get, and even still it would be much more expensive there in the US than here...but I was most intrigued that they had atropine OTC, mostly for reasons that would bore the average reader, so I won't go into them here.
However...I did think you might find it mildly interesting that Atropine (which you might know is a dilating drop) although safe, if misused can be poisonous. So it is no surprise that its name comes from a Greek Fate called Atropos...who accordingly to mythology chose how people were to die.
Maybe from now on I'll stick to using Tropicamide, no Greek fates named Tropicamides... although that sounds cool.
My point being as I looked over their selection...I am not sure if having such free, wide access to medicines here without a prescription is such a good idea. If you know what you are doing, it is certainly nice...but what about those that do not?

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